Tripal BrAPI’s documentation!

This is an implementation of the Breeding API which uses Tripal to expose data in your Chado database.

The Breeding API specifies a standard interface for plant phenotype/genotype databases to serve their data to crop breeding applications. It is a shared, open API, to be used by all data providers and data consumers who wish to participate. Initiated in May 2014, it is currently being actively developed, so now is the time for potential participants to help shape the specifications to ensure their needs are addressed. The listserve for discussions and announcements is at Cornell University. Additional documentation is in the Github wiki. The latest up-to-date specifications and discussions can be found on the git repository and the issue queue.


Current maintainers:

Sponsors & Partnerships

The Breeding API Drupal implementation has been sponsored by Bioversity International, a CGIAR Research Centre. The Breeding API project has been sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which funded the breeding API hackathon in June 2015 in Seattle and in July 2016 in Ithaca.

Partners of the Breeding API project are: